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Advertising Chart:  The Black Number (Example #1) Represents how the Advertisement is set and run.  The Red Number (Example #1Represents the cost to advertise in that slot.

Term Rotation – This is Multiple Banners in a Banner Rotator script that allows each banner with link to your website, to be given a number seconds of view time before the next banner appears in the same slot.

Every new campaign starts at 12:01am PST Time.  This means if you purchase an Advertising spot on #2 and we uploaded your banner or logo (At 2:50pm PST on Jan 1st)  The advertising clock for your banner or logo does not begin till the following day at (Jan 2nd at 12:01am PST Time).  Our Goal is to give your logo, banner, on our website the most exposure as possible.

#1S Sponsorships Across the Entire Website – Rotation.

#2 #3 #4 & #5 Are Advertising Banners Slots available on the Home Page Only.

Advertising Banners #2 #4 & #5 are set to a Rotation.

 Advertising Banner #2 & #3 Is Not set to a Rotation.  

All Advertising Banners slots are sold with Unlimited Views – Clicks & Impressions and Linked Back to your Website

(X) The number between the brackets is the number of banners that will be run in the rotation.  So if (3) next to View Sponsorship, is the number of banners that will be run.

Advertise on the Sports Directory   (6 Month Listing) $5.00 – Add Your Sports Listing-Website-Sell Items

#1S. View Sponsorship (90 Days) $75.00 – (3) Slots
#1. Advertise your Banner on Top Section of Page (120 Days) $50.00 – (5) Slots
#2 & #3. Advertise your Banner in Middle Section of Page (100 Days) $40.00 – (1) Slot for #2 & (1) Slot for #3
#4 & #5.. Advertise your Banner on Bottom End of Page (140 Days) $5.00 – (7) Slots for #4 & (7) Slots for #5
 Advertise your Team Logo (180 Days) $15.00 – (15) Slots


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